EMH Environmental, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to perform maintenance work on stormwater, wastewater and water facilities as well as related new construction.

Since inception the company has grown into a substantial corporation with the ability to bring a highly skilled maintenance and construction team to both the public and private sector. The company has built an outstanding reputation for responsiveness to its client’s needs and for the quality of the work performed. On numerous occasions, EMH Environmental has provided innovative, cost effective solutions for repair or replacement of essential components at major plant facilities.

EMH Environmental specializes in the construction or repair of major plant mechanical systems such as:

  • Predictive prevention and emerging maintenance for mechanical process systems.
  • Filter rehabilitation and media replacement for both water and wastewater plants.

Repair or replacement of major plant mechanical components such as:

  • bar screens
  • pumps
  • control systems
  • clarifier mechanisms
  • aeration systems
  • sludge collection and handling systems
  • deep turbine mixing systems
  • installation of tube settlers
  • chemical storage, mixing and feed systems
  • process piping systems

References and project lists are available upon request.


EMH Environmental has declared relationships with several consulting engineering firms and architects. We are currently engaged in providing design-build services for water and wastewater facilities.

EMH Environmental, Inc.
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